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Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

There are a great number of books out there for the expectant parent, but none compare to the newest Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy from the Mayo Clinic.

Written for the modern parent this book is honest and informative and gets straight to the point. Full color photos line the pages to help parents connect easily to the many different topics that new parents are introduced to.

What I really like about this book is that it covers everything new moms and dads would ever think about along with things that might not be so obvious, from the proper way to wear a seat belt during pregnancy to understanding baby’s needs and developmental nuances in the first few weeks of live.

A separate chapter is devoted to dads and/or partners along with a management chapter for couples learning to adjust to life as a new parent. Single parents are addressed as well and the best part about this section is that it does not assume that you are a single mom. Using gender-neutral suggestions makes this book accessible for anyone who refers to themselves as a mom or dad.

Also included:

  • A “Pregnancy Calendar,” showing the weeks in which landmark activities – routine prenatal tests, childbirth classes and purchasing baby gear – should ideally take place
  • In-depth advice on fertility
  • A series of 2-page charts to refer to throughout pregnancy, such as  “Your Due Date and Your Pregnancy Progression at a Glance,” “When to Call (Your Doctor),” and “First-Appointment Checklist”
  • An “Exercise of the Month,” with detailed photos, guiding moms-to-be through the entire 40 weeks

A healthy pregnancy is the best start we can give to our child. With this guide, written by doctors who also happen to be parents, the down-to-earth advice is a book that moms and dads will be buying for their friends and family when their time comes to welcome a new baby.

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