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Pump with ease

I’ll never forget the story my friend shared, years ago, about how she pumped breastmilk during her morning commute. That’s right, she pumped while driving and while at first I thought it was weird and could not imagine how many accidents she may have caused when other drivers glanced over and saw her boobs strapped to a weird contraption, I soon became jealous, realizing that she was multi-tasking in such a clever way that I wanted to figure out how she did it. I never did ask.

Now, seven years later, I’m trying to figure out the whole work-at-home balance with a new baby and I’ve been struggling to find time to pump. The day slips right by and before I know it, the baby’s hungry again and I never stored anything for a later date since I sort of needed my hands to get a few things done.

A few weeks ago, I got an email that completely changed my world and captured my attention, reminding me of my pumping-while-driving friend. The Pump Ease newsletter included an image of a woman pumping while at the computer – completely hands-free. This would make my life so much easier!

I requested a sample bra so I could check it out for myself. As soon as it arrived, I tore open the package and immediately tried it on. It was great. I was able to use my hands and pump at the same time. Yes! Freedom. Sort of. I mean, after all, I was still bound to the pump so I couldn’t wander off too far.

If you’re a busy mom with an infant, breastfeeding is a great and easy way to feed your child since your boobs are always available and there’s minimal effort involved in “making” your milk. If, however, you need to stockpile breastmilk for later feedings or for your spouse or caregiver to feed the baby, it becomes a bit more challenging to devote that time to pumping when there are so many other things to juggle.

Pump Ease Breast Pump bras makes life as a new mom less stressful, since hands-free pumping can help get you through the day and still allow you to cross things off your to-do list, sometimes two at a time. Gotta love that! Select from the Fabulous Fifties Collection or purchase the organic style bra, made with 90% certified organic cotton.

The great thing about the company that created these innovative bras is that every time a purchase is made from the Pump Ease website, a portion of the proceeds go back to two unique charities that help breastfeeding moms.

$2.00 from the sale of each PumpEase and ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of each Best for Babes “Miracle” door hanger is donated to the Best for Babes Foundation to help moms achieve their personal breastfeeding goals. They also donate to Get Pumped! – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing breast milk to babies in Central Florida who, due to extraordinary circumstances, cannot be nursed by their biological mothers.

I wrote this post while pumping breastmilk at the same time. I won’t be driving and pumping anytime soon. I’m pretty sure there are enough distracted drivers on the road already.

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