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Fatherhood: The Other F Word

I have several tattoos, listen to angry music on occasion, and work hard at censoring myself in front of my children. I also drive a mini-van, so when I first received an email about a new movie coming out about punk rock dads, I was quite intrigued.

Some of my favorite bands were listed among the featured list of artists included in this new film, The Other F Word, and once I saw the documentary with my husband I fell in love with punk music all over again, along with feeling a greater appreciation for the fathers and musicians in the film who work and play hard, both off stage and at home.

Becoming a parent definitely changes your life. Becoming a parent after spending your youth rebelling against your own mom and dad, or coming to grips with the fact that your parents weren’t there for you, is another story entirely, one that the dads in The Other F Word know all too well.

The men in this film reveal great truths and sorrows about their childhood and the family life they never had, but are now making sure to provide for their own kids.

Through tears and sadness, beyond anger and loss, these dads display every emotion possible throughout their interviews, proving to their fans that despite their angry lyrics and regardless of how they appear, they are still pretty amazing fathers.

Tony Hawk, Flea, Jim Lindberg, Mark Hoppus, Art Alexakis, Josh Freese, and Rick Thorne appear in the film, along with about a dozen other musicians from bands such as Rise Against, Pennywise, Rancid, and several others you might recognize.

If you’ve ever questioned authority or wondered how your favorite artists balance life on the road with a stable family life, The Other F Word is a must-see movie – one of the best fuckin’ films I’ve seen all year!

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